Banda ze Świetnego Miasta Częstochowa

Tekst piosenki – Guitar Workshop

Each solo 
is on the
top of the world
He jams sixteen
hours a day
it’s the only way
the chords fulfill
the game

He was born in a custom workshop
He’s a trained professional
A created guitar playing hero

It’s just a piece of art in his hands

He’d rather loose
both his legs
instead of his fist
the chords fulfill
the game
It’s the only way

If only a guitar would have
one more function
He would never feel the urge
to Fuck

Gitara - Łukasz 'Viku' Rawicki

Perkusja - Marcin Szarek

Bass - Em Yanizki

Głos - Pepe VocAlien

Menago - Marcin Krupiński