Banda ze Świetnego Miasta Częstochowa

Tekst piosenki – One Man Army

One, two, three, four… Go!

At first I felt proud of my green suit and the crown. So I’m a warrior,
too soon and too young, but that’s how it work, when you’re a shit’n’bum.
They gave me a gun, a weapon, a knife, a tank and the hardest helmet of them all. 
‘Cos my head is too thick to plant any thoughts. So I’m a soldier fighting for the country
I don’t belong to. I swear to be faithful and righteous,
‘cos that’s the sort of shit ass I have become.

One Man Army!

I wake up every morning and I get the m. Fuckin’ heavy shoes under my bed. Of course a playboy under my head.
I forgot the smell of a good weed. The weed I love to smoke all day long. But still I manage to have fun with practical war action
and I don’t know what to fight for anymore. Then I kick some ass with a bullet in my head.
I got the sand in my eyes and I don’t feel a thing.

Yeah! But from time to time you get your favourite twelve gram delivery of happy weed.
The shit that makes me down is the haircut like a guy in that Forrest film.
That makes me a wiener and still an asshole, I hoped I’d never know. Only a couple of months of this game
and I’m off to fuck a nice bitch and don’t fuck with my brain.

Gitara - Łukasz 'Viku' Rawicki

Perkusja - Marcin Szarek

Bass - Em Yanizki

Głos - Pepe VocAlien

Menago - Marcin Krupiński